Responsibilities of the District Membership Chair


Report to district chair.

Recruit enough of the right kind of people for the district membership committee.

Serve on the council membership/ relationships committee.

Establish year-round plan for unit and membership growth.

Recruit and train new-unit organizers. Work with district training team to make sure new units have trained personnel.

Plan and conduct youth and char- tered organization surveys.

Cultivate relationships with potential chartered organizations and commu- nity groups.

Share with other district leaders how to work effectively with various types of organizations.

Organize new packs, troops, teams, and crews.

Analyze district membership figures for all program levels.

Be sure a new unit is under the care of a commissioner before the orga- nizer leaves.

Conduct membership events in the district:

— Roundup plans

— Together plan

— Relationships conference

Track and attain membership growth objectives.



Spring Recruiting

We believe Spring should be your big recruiting push! Again, we need to get those kindergarteners (incoming Tigers) signed up before school ends and involved in our summer program.

If you have access, DEFINITELY do boy talks in the classrooms beginning of April. This is the best way to get in front of the boys. Find a leader or parent who can speak well to the kids and get them excited about Scouts! Don’t have someone like that? ASK your district executive to do it or to recommend someone. Give the boys a sample copy of Boy’s Life and an info sheet to take home about the parent roundup night and your next Pack Night. If you don’t have school access, find more great ways to recruit at:

Hold your Parent Roundup night the following week. This is to sell the parents on your program and the benefits of your Cub Scout program. Have an agenda / plan about what to discuss. Make sure you have a sign-up sheet to get their info including parent’s name, address, phone number and email address. Also get boy’s name, current grade level, what school they attend, etc. Invite the boys to come along too. Get a couple leaders to help out and have the boys make paper airplanes (or some other activity) so they have fun while the parents are asking their questions.

Invite them all to your April Pack Night to check out your Pack’s awesomeness!

If the boy registers by or at your May Pack Night (ask the parent to let you know so you can plan for materials), the boy can receive his Tiger neckerchief, tie slide, handbook, etc. (Or ask the parent to purchase them.) And then they can join in the Summer Activities…. Sell the parents on your Pack's summer plans and attending Cub Scout summer camp. It’s all connected!!

April Pack Night Idea

Have entertainment like the Reptile Guy, etc.


Have a fun theme like "Carnival Night" which will be at a minimal cost. Have multiple stations / games for the kids to play. Distribute a "punch card" so the boys / siblings go to each station once and possibly twice. After they are done and have their card marked or punched, they get some popcorn or something like that.

Booth idea: Have the Cubmaster or another leader in the "Man-Eating Chicken" tent. A "carnie" is outside the tent getting Scouts to see the mysterious and scary wonder...and then of course they see the leader in the tent eating KFC out of the bucket.

Den leaders and parent volunteers to man the stations. Need more help? Ask your local Troop to have the Boy Scouts take a station.

Find more membership resources at or LIKE the Three Fires Council, BSA Membership & Marketing FACEBOOK page.