Hi Friends,

I’m always looking for good words of inspiration and quotes to live by and recently I found one that really summarizes how I feel about being the District Executive for Maramech Hill:

Men's best successes come after their disappointments.
Henry Ward Beecher

Let me explain, after college I did the Walt Disney World internship. I was very excited for it thinking that after I completed the program, I would continue to work for Disney and go on to live a life in Florida. Unfortunatley the program didin’t turn out to be quite what I had hoped for and I returned back to Illinois afterwards disappointed and discouraged. I worked a series of jobs after that, retail, secretary, data entry, but nothing was satisfying or challenging. I refused to give up though and kept my eyes peeled for any job opportunity possible. One day I was on a help wanted website and an ad caught my eye. It was pretty vauge, didn’t even mention the company, but they needed someone with a Marketing background who was a “people person”. I considered myself qualified and was pleased to learn the position was with Boy Scouts of America. I interviewed for the DE position with the W.D. Boyce Council in Peoria, Il for close to a month and a half. It was challenging and time consuming, but the more I went through the interviewing process and learned what the job entailed, the more I wanted it. Naturally I was disappointed when I wasn’t offered the position. But God works in mysterious ways because a few weeks later the Field Director at W.D. Boyce called to tell me that they wanted me to interview up at the Three Fires Council. I came up, met with the Top Dogs up here, and was hired! April 1st was my start date, and as they say, the rest is history.

So overall it’s a good thing that Florida didn’t work out. Had it, I would have never become involved with BSA, met the amazing people that I have, and grown into the person I’ve become. If this is success, then I’m glad I’ve gone through the disappointments that I have!


Morgan Rubenacker

District Executive