Responsibilities of the Program District Camp Promotion and Outdoor Chair


Report to district program chair. Recruit and orient enough of the right kind of people for the district camp committee.

Track each unit’s camping and outdoor record.

Implement the council’s outdoor promotion plan in the district.

Work with commissioners to help

packs, troops, teams, and crews plan a year-round schedule of camping and outdoor program events.

Promote use of camperships.

Give guidance on health and safety concerns.

Promote youth participation in camping and outdoor programs:

— Boy Scout camping

— National high-adventure programs — Cub Scout outdoor program

— Venturing outdoor program

Assist council committee with outdoor program facilities.

Promote National Summertime Pack Award and National Camping Award. Supervise use of off-council camping by tour permits and inspections. Track and attain camping and outdoor objectives.

Implement council camping and outdoor program.

Guide the Order of the Arrow to help promote camping in the district. Promote Leave No Trace training for all units.





Section C-7

Order of the Arrow

Boy Scouts of America

One of the four purposes of the Order of the Arrow is to "promote camping, responsible outdoor adventure, and environmental stewardship as essential components of every Scout’s experience, in the unit, year- round, and in summer camp." In order to achieve this we have created this, the Area 7 Camp Promotions Initiative with the hopes of promoting scout camping in the area. To this end we created a Where to Go Camping Guide of all the local council camps and well known National and State Parks. The Where to go Camping Guide portion includes all Area 7 Council Camps and other frequently used properties by Area 7 Units. Our hope is to provide a resource to the units of the local camps, in order to make it easier for them to register and find a camp that meets their individual needs. We have also provided numerous resources about program aspects to camping, such as Leave No Trace, camp fire planning and much more. These documents were created with the hope of providing units with everything needed to put on successful events.

If we can be part of helping camping in Area 7 increase by 5 percent over the next year that would have such a tremendous impact in finances, retaining members, recruiting new members, spurring new camp programs but most importantly the experiences of many new scouts will have at our camps. Clearly this project lines up with the mission, vision, and values of the Order of the Arrow, Area 7 BSA, and the lodges of Section C-7. We hope you find this resources useful and beneficial to your unit. Suggestions are always welcome for future versions. Finally, thank you for taking the time to review this document and more importantly the time you dedicate to the scouting program. 

Outdoor Adventure

BSA Facilities Non-BSA Facilities
Camp Betz Apple River Canyon State Park 
Big Timber Camp Shaw-Waw-Nas-See 
Freeland Leslie Cantigny Park 
Lakota Devil's Lake State Park 
Lowden Greene Valley Forest Preserve 
Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Howard H. Cherry Scout Reservation 
Mach-In-O-Siew Kankakee River State Park 
Shin-Go-Beek Kickapoo State Recreation Area 
Sol R Crown Maquoketa Caves State Park 
Canyon Camp Mirror Lake State Park 
Napowan Adventure Base Mississippi Palisades State Park 
Owassippe Scout Reservation Moraine View State Park 
Rainbow Scout Reservation Shabbona Lake State Park 
Scout Adventure Camp Starved Rock State Park 
Tomo Chi-Chi Knolls 
Turkey Run State Park 
Waterfall Glen 


Outdoor Adventure Resources

BSA Camping Publication List

Campfire Program Planner

Camping Low Income Youth

Cub Scout Shooting Sports Manual

Scouting's Camping Program

The Historical Trails Program

The Principles of Leave No Trace

Trek Safely A Guide to Unit Trek Planning

World Conservation Award